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Haber & Guenther LLC

Our Mission

At Haber & Guenther LLC, we take great pride in helping our clients. Our principle focus is to make your life easier. Though we are a full-service consulting firm, we specialize in helping small business owners run their companies efficiently; we understand that running a business can be stressful and time-consuming.  By handling important items like tax preparation, payroll, and relentless paperwork, our hope is to ease your stress level and leave you with more free time to enjoy what matters most to you in life. You name it, A through Z, we’re always here to help.

Jay Haber

Haber & Guenther LLC is a continuation of the former accounting firm, Haber and Company. Ron Guenther is the President and sole owner of the firm. Prior to its formation, Ron worked at Haber and Company for 5 years. Haber and Company was owned and operated by Jay Haber for over 27 years until his untimely passing in July of 2016. Jay was a great CPA, but his strengths and admirable qualities extended far beyond the world of accounting. A proud family man, he acted as a mentor to Ron and was not just a friend, but a guiding, calming voice to all his clients. Haber & Guenther LLC is extremely privileged to carry on the honorable, hard work for which Haber and Company became known.